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Erik rocks [23 Nov 2008|08:31pm]
ya he does
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It's cool cause were just friends [04 Feb 2007|04:06pm]

The Jonas brothers are my friends.
Just leave me a comment, chances are I'll add you.
If I don't, I just suck at checking email. sorry!
♥ Aseret

Journal security has been upped as of 3/15/07
I'm sorry, but the stuff on my lj is extreme and it's my LIFE.
Please comment with who you are and why you want me to add you if you are from a JB community at all.
People just trying to lurk onto my lj will not be accepted.
Take your drama somewhere else immature 15 year olds.
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These boots are made for walking [21 Jan 2007|01:19pm]
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

and that's just what they'll do. =]

I got new shoessss. I'm just excited. I don't have to freeze in flip flops anymore.
♥ Ase
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CTC poctires [10 Jul 2006|02:55am]
Jamie has a buttload more These are justm ine and some ff shot ones i found of me and the shoot.

I was the only ff9 cosplayer XD. I got my own shoot.

ConnectiCon pictures, Round one, THE ASERET VERSION! FIGHT!Collapse )
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These are the days of our lifes [01 Jul 2006|03:22pm]
Life report with pictures.

I never really update pictures of my life. always a random picture of something funny, me or cosplay progress. So here's just some of my life mmmkay? the last few pictures are kinda big. sorryyy. photobucket hates me

These are the days of our lifesCollapse )

Barbie and I are going to see superman now <3 bye bye. then we get to go to dinner and the fireworks. For the win! I'm glad to get some vacation time.

♥ Ase
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-Bling bling!- [05 Feb 2006|10:25am]

This is why I love my church. When I got to church today The bishop asked me to talk about a spiritual experience of mine to the congregation. I reaaaaaly didn't want to. I did though. I spoke about my friend Scott who i just met and who is a convert and how i shared my experiences with him and he shared his experiences and in out friendship helped him decide to go on a mission. He imed me last night and helped me with my dress problem and I shared the whole dress story to the congregation crying and told them that he had got rear ended on the way home from church. He was concearned about having enough money to go on his mission and I was concearned about having enough money to get my dress. and how the difference effected it all then how loved i felt when 4 of my friends offerd me money to buy the dress that I simply could not accept.

After it I got so many people coming up to me and thinking me for sharing and saying what a beautiful testimony it was and how well they could relate. one woman's tenage daughter wanted a $150 bag and it helped her think about it.

but what meant the most to me was... Brother lacardo came up to me after, thanked me for it and shook my hand saying "happy birthday". I realized there was a piece of paper in his hand.... it was a $50 bill. HE GAVE ME $50 FOR MY DRESS! I told him i could in no way accept it and he said that it was a birthday present. He wouldnt have it any other way. I huged him and thanked him so much. He's a wonderful man, Andrew had to meet with the bishop and we sat in a class. They were talking about adam and eve and they mentioned their cloths and the teacher said "Yes! Cloths! they felt naked and that they needed shirts and pants and $400 dresses!" and the entire class of like 200 people laughed. XD I love my church. He will be the first to be invited.

After we droped by the mall. I spoke with the girl about the dress. She siad that I was right. It's the only Skylar dress left in the state of CT there are only 7 left in the entire company. I had her send it to alterations to have the clasp in the back fixed so it has another 2-3 weeks of life left. They will call me when they get it in and i'll have them put it on hold. IT'S MINE! SQUEE! So i'm still hawking off my stuff. LJ FIXED! Aim me if youre really interested in the stuff! I have $130 atm. Commeeeonnnn $200!

That setles it =3. Assuming this dress will work and be in my posession because god oficioly wants it to since a man of god just gave me money for it, the theam of this party is....
Since you have all wanted to see my dress no dobut here is a picture of an ad for it. It looks JUST LIKE IT in real life. absolutly lovely.
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and my court may be wearing one of these.

SO we will be VERY good looking.

I'm thinking of having 15 court maids and then there would be 16 of us. haha get the pun? 16 girls 16th birthday july 16th? Everyones sleeping over my house the night before and were getting ready together and baking my cake together. There will be 17 girls under this roof XD. That's how we roll!

Bling blang blao <3
♥ Ase
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BUY THIS NOW! <3 [04 Feb 2006|07:37pm]
DOH! People I need to come up with $400 in the next 2 days. I know that's hard to fathom but it is true. I NEED to. Here is the story. SO. Sweet 16. I found my PERFECT dress. It sadly was in a catolauge from last year. It was the Skylar dress from Windsor and precious formals. It's a white gown with very very lovely intricate blue beading all over it. It's a ball gown with more poof then god. It was from last yar and was $400. I wanted it so bad and decided to search for it reguardless of the fact that it would most probably not exist anymore. After I got my hair done my mother had to pay a bill at the mall and let me wander free. I went right to windsor to see their current Pre prom dress selection. I walked in and as I went to the blue gowns a hint of white poof caught my eye. was it?! IT WAS! THE SKYLAR DRESS! There was only one! It was a size 8. I riped it from the rack adn ran to the changing room. I tryed it on. It was dammaged. the bottom of the zipper was riped and it was missing a clasp. Little things i could easily fix. a 10% discount! I tried it on silently begging it would fit. this was THE dress. it did. the zipper kept falling due to it missing the clip. that would make people not buy it! The price tag was the same as last year to....... $399.50 I gulped deep knowing I could not afford it. I changed out of it and brought it to the counter and asked them if they had another dress in the size in storeage. No... it was the only one. Out of the entire store they had one skylar dress left in stock from last year. only one. I asked if they were continuing the dress this year. No. If there was another I could find at another store. no. if it was on the online store. No. This is the only dress of it's kind left. it had to be mine. I put it on hold and it will stay there for 2 days. then they will put it back.

I'm not giving up. I have 2 days to get $400. This is MY DRESS. it's broken so lets hope no one will buy it otherwise. I can EASILY fix it. I planed to alter it adn add sheer sleeves to begin with so it HAS to work. SO. I'm working now to make money and oh...
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♥ Ase
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Selling more of my heart [09 Dec 2005|04:29pm]

O.K. So.Angel's not the only thing thats going.
My Award Wining Dark Chii is for sale as well.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This was done in acrylic paint last year. It had a frame but the frame was damaged and I'm working on fixing it. It won an Honerable Mention in an art show last december. It was my first work to win anything and I have a bit of an emotional attatchment to it. However it takes up space. Bid your little hearts out on it please I need cash! There's always a chobits fan out there who would love to have this recreation of Dark Chii! I will take anything for this and the bidding ends tomorrow at this time. Jerry is currently winning the Angel bid at $65, I will take anything for these as long as I can make some money. Thank you all! <3 Merry Christmas!
♥ Aseret the forever broke

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The Angel Sales post - Ebay [08 Dec 2005|02:53pm]
[ mood | please god someone buy it ]

Have at it. Highest bidder wins. Paypal may be able to be accepted and This will run on until maybe tomorrow night or something. I will cut it off once I've got a bid that i'm really happy about, At this point I will sell it for anything. I'm broke and I need to come up with $118 in the next less then 2 weeks so every little bit helps. Remember kids this was done In acrylic paint and it took from november to january and was featured in an art show reacently. Prints will be availible for whatever the hell you want to pay for them. You know you want it and regardless of who you are and what you have told me previously if you have a bid on it BID ON IT PLZKTHNXBYE.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Current highest bid: $80 by Red_mage_Jerry

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~A voice from the past~ [26 Aug 2005|02:51pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Yes all that's right.... i'm back =D. wow it feels like ive been gone forever! back from otakon, con report to come, allie's awesome, lots to tell, pictures soon. Since the con report will come soon that will all be in that but i have a few things to highlight as far as costume progress that people should check out =D.

-Princess garnet has been bumped up. for Elphaba will not be done for PAMB. Problemchildharu ia putting off her nessa and getting a more formal version of Eiko done.

The rest of my plans will follow on schedual.

-Allie and I are looking for a group of All of the cids from ff. including 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9,11, and 12 and then cid from kingdom hearts, advent children and Dr. Cid from Final fantasy the spirit's within. Im making ff10 cid(complete with baldness and airship) and she's making ff8 cid. if anyone else is up for crossplaying as cid so we can have a full group of all of them please let me know =D.

-Allie and I are cosplaying as Mitsuki(her) and hikaru(me) from angelic layor.

-I worked on my princess tutu bracelets.

-I want to be full moon from full moon wo sagashite A.S.A.P. If there is a takuto and meroko out there I would be glad =D. easy costumes with her. I think i might want to make the eternal snow outfit from the last 2 episodes. I like big dresses =D! I LOVE that show. LOVE.

-Kira? hello? Kira?

- WE NEED A ZIADNE FOR ANIME BOSTON! AHHH! OMFG! We need all the characters and
WE NEED A KUJA! that is all =D -Ase

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OOOOOOOOOHMIGAWD [03 Jul 2005|10:37pm]
wow. Ok the fire works were tongiht and i decided not to go but watch from the house while on the phone with mar. so were watching them and on the phone and my dog is freaking out and were talking about matt and danny adn all that stuff and then they end and my brother and joe come home.I hear a few pops outside and KNOW that theire setting off our ILLEAGLE FIREWORKS. Ok my dad went down to penn to get good fw. we liveo n the busyest road in lordship and theres a mile long line of cars leaving the FW. Andrew and Joe are out with them and i laugh and go watch. Duchess is flipping and ESCAPES THE YARD while im not looking running down the road to escape the fear. a lady brings her back in her car and i thanked her so much and briught her inside and put her in the basement. i come back outside and Joe though of the GENIUS IDEA of USING THE PIPE THEY PUT THE ROCKETS IN AS A BAZOOKA. So theres Bottle rockets FLYING across my yard. they set of a HUGE one as a cop is going by and their like "Wonder if this one is illeagle!" and it is HUGE. HUGE. EXPLODES THE SIZE OF MY ROOM IF NOT BIGGER! we all RUN into the house SCREAMING "THAT WAS SO ILLEAGLE!" And the cop is just STARING at us. He decides not to do anything and keeps driving. well these assholes go back outside and keep going. now i hate the seniors who live down the street from us. never even spoken to them but they have drunken partys all the time and fireworks every night. they have like 8289211929393949 fire crackers going off and everyones screakming and happy. my asshole brothers go out there and take the firework bazooka and LAUNCH ONE AT THEM. it blows up in a right next to them and everyone runs.

Im related to bastards. -Ase
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a side note [21 Jun 2005|08:33pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

i already posted my entry for today and all but heres a credit.

I made a new layout for my hot new icon made by EziekielBpenguine and god i hope i spelt that correct. Im not cosplaying Yuna at the moment SO i decided to show my pride for my OTHER favorite character ever. Elphie. and i AM cosplaying elphie currently so it works!

Let all oz be agreed.... im WICKED through and through!

......... if you care to find me look to the western sky... or call me. XD
<33333333333 -Aseret

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Um.... [04 May 2005|07:06pm]
[ mood | Determined ]


So i walk into math tudoring today. my math tutor reads the paper every single day front and back. i wasnt in the best mood and i was looking angry and sad when i was really just sleepy. he asks me why and if it was because of the news of Louie birk in the paper.... i had shared with him before of my acting and such.... i couldn't breath for a seccond. "What news of louie?" He shows me the article.

Tuesday April 2 Louie Birk announced publicly That he had given up. He was returning to africa. After 15 years and 1.5 million of his OWN money he wasnt going to waste MORE time here and finally was going home to his wife.

Inside i knew this was going to happen even if i put all my faith into god helping him but no.

There will be no crucible. there will be no mercy. There will be no paycheck of 200 a week. There will be none of that and im going to have to do what i feared i would have to.

im going to have to spend my summer babysitting my little brother, sewing like a madwoman, and standing on the side of the road all wet in a bikini with a sign that says "CAR WASH" while 40 year old men come to get their car cleaned by 3 teenage girls in bikini's for tips and business and im going to have to sell my big yuna painting.

i feel like SUCH A PRETEEN in doing this seeing as in 3 months i will be leagly able to work in this town but what ways are there to make cash? me, Ai and mamfa REALLY need it. Were looking for theatre groups that pay now seeing as were spent and need jobs that were good at and were all arround upset. Louie didn't tell any of us. i knew he wouldn't. he didn't tell us yet. He knew he loved us way to much to tell us and we would all cry because were never going to see him again.

Im a madwoman now. I swear this and I swear this on my life. one day I WILL be elphaba. One day I will have the role of my dreams and i will get there because Louie taught me something. he taught me something i will never forget and i will always cary it with me. in 7 years time i will be standing on the stage of that theatre singing defying gravity at the top of my lungs with all the passion and strengh in my body. Imn not doing it just for mea anymore, im not doing it just for my dreams or my carrear, im not doing it for my father or for t.j. or anything like that. Im also doing it for louie. and i swear that before that opening night Louie birk will get a letter, inclosed will be a theatre ticket front row orchestra, Hotel reservations, And a round trip ticked from south africa To NYC. Finally a letter saying "Dear louie, i did it. love, Teresa Jack"

This fight is no longer in my hands. There is no WAY i am leaving RCA and there is no way i will stop fighting. even if i go back to the way i was. even ifg i get obsessed with it. even if i continue to beat on myself until i mentally snap and live life as a drone each day.

"So if you care to find me look to the western sky, as someone told me lately everyone deserves a chance to fly and if im flying solo at least im flying free, to those who ground me take a message back from me, tell them how i am defying gravity, im flying high and defying gravity and soon il match them in renown, and nobody in all of oz, no wizard that there is or was is ever gonna bring me down."


This is an ongoing process. im constantly changing. my old slef dies and from the ashes a new one arises. a new dream begins. i will keep my old dream but shed my skin once more. i don't care if i look like yuna anymore. i don't care if i have to buy a wig for that, im growing my hair out long and dyeing it black. im getting my surgery on my cheeks, im going through with it and i will beat them. for now i need to make money to get to otakon but then i will have a full time job and work for me and keep on fighting. i will finish my costume and it is dedicated to me, my broken childhood dreams and to louie birk. The man who helped wake up my iner witch.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

the fameous picture. This was my third birthday. THIS was my gift. and i still cary it with me.

This is but more proof that No good deed goes unpunished. im SICK OF COMUNITY SERVICE TO A TOWN THAT DOES THIS! I REFUSE TO DO IT!

This is my elphaba ness. my Teacher was taken away for he is different. the world didn't like him because he had something. he had a VISION! he had a DREAM! and they took him away from me. NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED!


Alakanamen namen a tum a tum elakanamen.

let his flesh not be torn, let his blood leave no stain though they beat him let him feel no pain, let his bones never break and however they try to destroy him let him never die. let him never die.

what good is this chanting? i don;t even know what im reading! i don't even know what trick i outght to try.

one more disaster for my generous suply.

no good deed goes unpunished. No act of charity goes unresiented. no good deed goes unpunished that's my new creed. my road of good intentions lead where duch roads always lead. no good deed goes unpunished.


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Hey there children [26 Feb 2005|11:48am]
I have been missing reacently! sowwey! no time to update really. been everywhere. so im gonna hit a few highlights of the while and then go to art class:

-I bought a jiji bag from Hilary for my kiki costume and it is SO CUTE
-Went to movies with miles cisco and josh
-had to much cafine
- saw sideways
-good movie not good for younger audiences
- sat out in the snow in the blizard.
-and everyone decided since the white mage was wearing all black we had to make her a white mage once more and chuck snow AT HER.
-chilled at milses house
-took alot of pictures with his family's emmys sample:

-Watched legendary frog goodness
-Tried to teach them cosplay
-ate alot of good pizza
-had to much camera fun
-realized i was late and nato gave me a ride home
-he peeled out of the driveway at like 60 and then cisco went like an ass and was like "you drive like my grandma my brother goes faster" and nato was like "Is that a chalenge?" and he was liek "hells yes it is" then VROOOOOOOOOOOOOM sharp tern AWAY FROM MY HOUSE and we were going down public backstreet roads with limits of like 12 at like 70. it amused me greatly.
HOLY CRAP THIS WAS LIKE THE BEST THING EVER. ok after the movies i went home and didn't sleep. so it's like 5 am and im looking out the window and decide to shovel the walkway for excercise. i go out there and shovel the entire thing and driveway and do other junk. then i think about the old people who live up my street. ive seen the old man out there many times with his Walker shovel shoveling the snow. i always pittyed this 80 year old man and decided to run up there and sneak and shovel his walkway for him. he comes out of his house to do it himself when im like halfway done and like doesnt believe what he see's. and he was like "thanks!" and i was like "no problem! im young and full of energy!" and he saluted me and went off to the store. this made me think he was a vet of some sort while at the same time reminding me of anna. then when i finshed he came back and asked my name and all and spoke with me and tried to give me money and i was like "no i can't accept it." and he gave me chocolate from russia which i was forced to accept ^^. i bid them farewell and took my shovel and ran back off to my hosue. later on i come down stair to check the mail... and theres a letter there, note the snowman ^^

welcome ^^
and inside was.................................

^^ they gave me monneyyy. i wanted to go and give it back to them but i know they won't accept it. ^^ so these people helped pay for the jiji bag! i just sent money for that! JIJI!!!!

kids anoy the crap out of me but it was fairly easy. i made money! YAY! KIKI SHALL FLY! *runs arround wit broom pretending she's riding it and jumping about* MONEYYY!!!! Hilary is SUCH A SWEET PERSON! her cosplays are beautiful and she's a total sweetie ^^! yay! i can't wait to get my Jiji bag! -Aseret Yuna
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Axcess DENIED! [10 Feb 2005|04:23pm]


^^ i really just dont want to be stalked or anything and i learned that my brother has a live journal now and instead of sitting here worying about him and other random stalkers from real life and the internet im gonna pass and this lj is now friends only. sorry guys! Coment and i add ya Lickedy split! as long as your not a random stalker or Something of that sort! SO if ya want to read coment! <3! -Aseret Yuna
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Show your Support! Sign for bevelle! [01 Feb 2005|07:12pm]
[ mood | determined ]

Not LJ Cuted cause I SAY SO!

Get well soon bevelle! all of us want you to get better! and the people who posted below me! Hi people! ^^ we hope your leg heals fast! -Aseret Yuna

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*heavy breathing* [12 Dec 2004|12:05pm]
[ mood | enraged ]

The art show is in an hour.... i think im going to faint. Yvon i seriously feel sick. This is awful why am I so poor?! ALL I WANT TO DO IS COSPLAY AND BE YUNA AND NOW IN ORDER TO DO SO I HAVE TO SELL SOMETHING THAT MEANS SO MUCH TO ME! It means so much to me and it has to go for me to afford an obi. damnit it better go for alot or else it's not worth it. if i come home and sold both The purpouse AND dark chii expect me to have a freaking spazz atack. sure il have about $400 in my pocket for an obi and the jewelry but it wont feel the same. *sigh* i hope someone pays enough for me to afford my ears, obi/skirt and the necklace or else im gonna spazz. -Aseret Yuna

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Summoners cry to [11 Dec 2004|06:05pm]
[ mood | sad ]

Wow im Really upset now.

Tomorrow is the art show. im broke and im Pleading with god that i can land 2nd place so i can get that $50. PLEADING with him. and in class im getting my two entrys ready that were my two best. "Dark Chii" and "the purpouse" I am HORRIBLY upset seeing as i know i will not win that prize. there is no chance and im going to get my butt handed to me on a SILVER FREAKING PLATTER. I need money so bad. then they asked me "so are you selling them?". I was like.... "WHAT?!" and they were like "selling them. you know you put them for sale and people buy them?" Im sitting there in DISBELIEF like "SELL?! SELL?!" I wanted to scream out "NO NO NO NO NO NEVER THESE ARE MY BABY'S! I SPENT MONTHS ON THEM!" then realized... They were worth alot. Someone would buy one of them in an instant. the next thing that I thought was "Yuna!" and how much i need the money for my costume.

sadly now. "The Purpouse" is up for sale, and if offered $200 or more "Dark chii" will be as well. im so upset right now you can't understand and now my family is giving me crap when all i want is to sleep and hope that Theyre new homes will be good ones. -Aseret Yuna

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*no title due to lack of creativity* [10 Dec 2004|06:54pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Yuna skirt #2 crashed and burned. ok LETS BRING IN THE CAVLRY BOYS! it shall be remade and it's gonna be GREAT when it's done. i need beter fabric! I BROKE 4 NEEDLES SEWING THAT SKIRT! OMGWTFBBQ?!?! my poor machine! I AM OUT OF NEEDLES! im on my last one.


im sitting here like OMGWTFBBQ?!?!!?

i founf my mom's old Hillbilly wig. it's going to be the rikku wig now! DONSON IS GONNA BE SO PRETTY!

the wiz is on XD. and im gonna work on the plushie now that i have material for it! im decapitating an old stuffed cat toy to make it XD. It's gonna be such a pretty aeris when it's done! -Aseret Yuna

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*sigh* [04 Dec 2004|10:31pm]
[ mood | good ]

my Aeris for joanie is going like nowhere. lol she's beginning to anoy me cause she looks to cartooney to meet my standards! *throws across room* call it creative issues. my angel is comeing along nicely however. im actuaully beginng to be happy with the angel. simply cause dude.... the angel had some serious issues. i mean im still beating myself up over her and theres little things i would love to be alot different but right now... she's not dead... i am satisfied. even if the water looks like a planet.

im gonna start working on the Aeris pic alot and relallly realllly reallllllllllllllllllly hard. also sketch a few pictures as well simply cause the painting just isn't good enoungh for my mind! *points to a few posts ago* that's it and it still sucks! i didn't do a thing to it since cause im to lazy XP! then il make the lovely plushie and send it to Joanie somehow ^_^ an Aeris goodey basket!

i don't know why but ive just been wanting to make other cosplayers that i really admire things as a suprise. i think really as a way to repay them for inspiring me. but i know that there will be 3 little Yuna's sent out on their way to happy new homes and the loving arms of Heki-Chan, Yuna and YuffieLeonHeart. Shhhhhhhhhhhh! dunt tell none of them. im calling this my project plushie and there are a great deal of plushies to be made and sent out to a few people who idolize the character but until i am further into construction i will release no more infornmation except the fact that the characters might not all be human. ^_^!

Seriously does someone want to make me a freaking layout? im tired of attempting to i hate this system.

ok a few cosplay things:

-I have joined Cosplaylab.com. my user name is MemoriesofYuna. like it wouldn't be?!

-it is oficiol. today december 4th is the last time that Wedding Yuna will see daylight unless i decide to do a random photoshoot for it. yes it is true... wedding Yuna is retired. i took a few last pictures of it that il post later.... goodbye love.

and my diet is simply spiffy! im drinking 23082484 gallons of water each day. i mentiond to dillan that i had been like living off water for the past 3 days and she was like "Teresa if you don't eat il kill you. please eat something for me!" AND I was like "lol! im eating just drinking lots of water and dieting. im not anorexic!" and she was like "oh... well that's fine then!" ^_^ MY FRIENDS CARE! -Aseret Yuna

Edit: ok i just did a quick aeris sketch of the oficiol art. yhea im sorry you can't see it verry well but it's downsized here people ^_^ I am sorry. but you get the gyiest of it. eiher that or go check out my gallery and give me pageviews. im on deviantart.com as ThePumpkinQueen

EDIT: ok ok here it is already ^_^

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