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These are the days of our lifes

Life report with pictures.

I never really update pictures of my life. always a random picture of something funny, me or cosplay progress. So here's just some of my life mmmkay? the last few pictures are kinda big. sorryyy. photobucket hates me

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Barbie and I are going to see superman now <3 bye bye. then we get to go to dinner and the fireworks. For the win! I'm glad to get some vacation time.

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-Bling bling!-


This is why I love my church. When I got to church today The bishop asked me to talk about a spiritual experience of mine to the congregation. I reaaaaaly didn't want to. I did though. I spoke about my friend Scott who i just met and who is a convert and how i shared my experiences with him and he shared his experiences and in out friendship helped him decide to go on a mission. He imed me last night and helped me with my dress problem and I shared the whole dress story to the congregation crying and told them that he had got rear ended on the way home from church. He was concearned about having enough money to go on his mission and I was concearned about having enough money to get my dress. and how the difference effected it all then how loved i felt when 4 of my friends offerd me money to buy the dress that I simply could not accept.

After it I got so many people coming up to me and thinking me for sharing and saying what a beautiful testimony it was and how well they could relate. one woman's tenage daughter wanted a $150 bag and it helped her think about it.

but what meant the most to me was... Brother lacardo came up to me after, thanked me for it and shook my hand saying "happy birthday". I realized there was a piece of paper in his hand.... it was a $50 bill. HE GAVE ME $50 FOR MY DRESS! I told him i could in no way accept it and he said that it was a birthday present. He wouldnt have it any other way. I huged him and thanked him so much. He's a wonderful man, Andrew had to meet with the bishop and we sat in a class. They were talking about adam and eve and they mentioned their cloths and the teacher said "Yes! Cloths! they felt naked and that they needed shirts and pants and $400 dresses!" and the entire class of like 200 people laughed. XD I love my church. He will be the first to be invited.

After we droped by the mall. I spoke with the girl about the dress. She siad that I was right. It's the only Skylar dress left in the state of CT there are only 7 left in the entire company. I had her send it to alterations to have the clasp in the back fixed so it has another 2-3 weeks of life left. They will call me when they get it in and i'll have them put it on hold. IT'S MINE! SQUEE! So i'm still hawking off my stuff. LJ FIXED! Aim me if youre really interested in the stuff! I have $130 atm. Commeeeonnnn $200!

That setles it =3. Assuming this dress will work and be in my posession because god oficioly wants it to since a man of god just gave me money for it, the theam of this party is....
Since you have all wanted to see my dress no dobut here is a picture of an ad for it. It looks JUST LIKE IT in real life. absolutly lovely.
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and my court may be wearing one of these.

SO we will be VERY good looking.

I'm thinking of having 15 court maids and then there would be 16 of us. haha get the pun? 16 girls 16th birthday july 16th? Everyones sleeping over my house the night before and were getting ready together and baking my cake together. There will be 17 girls under this roof XD. That's how we roll!

Bling blang blao <3
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DOH! People I need to come up with $400 in the next 2 days. I know that's hard to fathom but it is true. I NEED to. Here is the story. SO. Sweet 16. I found my PERFECT dress. It sadly was in a catolauge from last year. It was the Skylar dress from Windsor and precious formals. It's a white gown with very very lovely intricate blue beading all over it. It's a ball gown with more poof then god. It was from last yar and was $400. I wanted it so bad and decided to search for it reguardless of the fact that it would most probably not exist anymore. After I got my hair done my mother had to pay a bill at the mall and let me wander free. I went right to windsor to see their current Pre prom dress selection. I walked in and as I went to the blue gowns a hint of white poof caught my eye. was it?! IT WAS! THE SKYLAR DRESS! There was only one! It was a size 8. I riped it from the rack adn ran to the changing room. I tryed it on. It was dammaged. the bottom of the zipper was riped and it was missing a clasp. Little things i could easily fix. a 10% discount! I tried it on silently begging it would fit. this was THE dress. it did. the zipper kept falling due to it missing the clip. that would make people not buy it! The price tag was the same as last year to....... $399.50 I gulped deep knowing I could not afford it. I changed out of it and brought it to the counter and asked them if they had another dress in the size in storeage. No... it was the only one. Out of the entire store they had one skylar dress left in stock from last year. only one. I asked if they were continuing the dress this year. No. If there was another I could find at another store. no. if it was on the online store. No. This is the only dress of it's kind left. it had to be mine. I put it on hold and it will stay there for 2 days. then they will put it back.

I'm not giving up. I have 2 days to get $400. This is MY DRESS. it's broken so lets hope no one will buy it otherwise. I can EASILY fix it. I planed to alter it adn add sheer sleeves to begin with so it HAS to work. SO. I'm working now to make money and oh...
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Selling more of my heart

O.K. So.Angel's not the only thing thats going.
My Award Wining Dark Chii is for sale as well.
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This was done in acrylic paint last year. It had a frame but the frame was damaged and I'm working on fixing it. It won an Honerable Mention in an art show last december. It was my first work to win anything and I have a bit of an emotional attatchment to it. However it takes up space. Bid your little hearts out on it please I need cash! There's always a chobits fan out there who would love to have this recreation of Dark Chii! I will take anything for this and the bidding ends tomorrow at this time. Jerry is currently winning the Angel bid at $65, I will take anything for these as long as I can make some money. Thank you all! <3 Merry Christmas!
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The Angel Sales post - Ebay

Have at it. Highest bidder wins. Paypal may be able to be accepted and This will run on until maybe tomorrow night or something. I will cut it off once I've got a bid that i'm really happy about, At this point I will sell it for anything. I'm broke and I need to come up with $118 in the next less then 2 weeks so every little bit helps. Remember kids this was done In acrylic paint and it took from november to january and was featured in an art show reacently. Prints will be availible for whatever the hell you want to pay for them. You know you want it and regardless of who you are and what you have told me previously if you have a bid on it BID ON IT PLZKTHNXBYE.
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Current highest bid: $80 by Red_mage_Jerry
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~A voice from the past~

Yes all that's right.... i'm back =D. wow it feels like ive been gone forever! back from otakon, con report to come, allie's awesome, lots to tell, pictures soon. Since the con report will come soon that will all be in that but i have a few things to highlight as far as costume progress that people should check out =D.

-Princess garnet has been bumped up. for Elphaba will not be done for PAMB. Problemchildharu ia putting off her nessa and getting a more formal version of Eiko done.

The rest of my plans will follow on schedual.

-Allie and I are looking for a group of All of the cids from ff. including 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9,11, and 12 and then cid from kingdom hearts, advent children and Dr. Cid from Final fantasy the spirit's within. Im making ff10 cid(complete with baldness and airship) and she's making ff8 cid. if anyone else is up for crossplaying as cid so we can have a full group of all of them please let me know =D.

-Allie and I are cosplaying as Mitsuki(her) and hikaru(me) from angelic layor.

-I worked on my princess tutu bracelets.

-I want to be full moon from full moon wo sagashite A.S.A.P. If there is a takuto and meroko out there I would be glad =D. easy costumes with her. I think i might want to make the eternal snow outfit from the last 2 episodes. I like big dresses =D! I LOVE that show. LOVE.

-Kira? hello? Kira?

- WE NEED A ZIADNE FOR ANIME BOSTON! AHHH! OMFG! We need all the characters and
WE NEED A KUJA! that is all =D -Ase
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